What We Do

The Tauranga Community Co-op is a not-for-profit group of like-minded people who buy produce in bulk and divide it among ourselves. We love wrestling the power back from large retail chains and supermarkets! Our members are passionate about feeding their families good food and we try to reuse where we can!

We decided that we really wanted to be able to access organic produce and groceries without being reliant on retail shops. The only way this was achievable was by starting the Tauranga Community Co-op. Our aim is to make organic and locally sourced food and other products available at prices that are often cheaper or similarly priced than conventional supermarket produce. If you’ve ever tried organic produce you’ll know that it is infinitely better than supermarket fare.

We also try to support our members by allowing and encouraging them to supply us with produce from their backyards. The money made from selling their produce then gets applied as credit in their software accounts and they can use this credit towards their next purchase. We have members selling everything from lemons, eggs, laundry powder, wax wraps, apples etc.

All orders are packed and Delivered to your door on Thursday afternoon.

Being in a co-op requires flexibility and a giving attitude. It’s not a retail store, you won’t always get what you thought you were going to, and sometimes you’ll get a little more than you thought you were going to!

We have regular social events, where we do interesting things together like visit Flaveur Bakery, The Cider Factorie, Mt Hotpools, Supplier Exhibitions etc. We’re a great bunch, of caring people with community in our hearts. Join us!